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Written byWarda Taimur

Understand our policy regarding the traffic overage on your plan

How our traffic overage policy works

We provide a variety of plans that offer different limits on monthly traffic and can be customized based on your website’s needs. Each plan has its policy regarding traffic overage. The plans we offer are very easy to use; they work like any other subscription; you have to pay a fixed amount at the beginning of each month and renew your plan. The limit for your plan is assessed and reset at the beginning of each month, so if your monthly traffic is increasing, the current plan will automatically be upgraded to the next plan.

Before the upgrade, you will receive emails that will keep you updated on the progress of your monthly traffic and notify you when it's time for an upgrade. The first email is usually sent when there is an 80% mytruetraffic usage, and after that, an email is sent with every 10% increase in the usage.

  • 80% Your business is doing great
  • 90% Slow and steady wins the race
  • 100% Nearly time
  • 110% Let’s upgrade!

Disabling the Auto-upgrade

The auto-upgrade feature is added for the ease of the user, but if at any point you would like to disable it, you can contact our customer service team, and we will assist you through the process. Once the auto-upgrade is disabled, your pixel will automatically be deactivated when the monthly traffic limit has been reached and will only resume once the next pay period begins.

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