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Written bySaba Laraib

Learn how to change your Account Settings

To manage your Account Settings, click on Hi, your_name in the side navigation. Then click on Account in the drop-down menu.


Here, you will see:

  1. What is your current plan is and how much of the plan has been used for that payment period. If your percentage is over 100%, but you still have days remaining until the traffic resets, it may be because of the deactivation of your pixel until the next pay period.
  2. You can always edit your profile details.
  3. You can always update the login methods or edit your username and password.
  4. You can always cancel your account.
  5. You can always upgrade or downgrade your plan.
  6. You can see the credit card details on the file and edit the billing details.
  7. You can find the API key for Zapier or Webhooks.
  8. How many unique visitors your plan has been allotted to
  9. When your traffic will reset

Always save changes in the app.

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