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Hot Streaks notifications

Through this, you have the option to display your total visitors on site over a certain time.

Hot streaks is a powerful tool that allows you to display the total number of people who have viewed your page or converted to your page. This makes the data of the website a compelling metric for the viewers.

How does it function?

From the Hot Streak notifications, you can choose 2 distinct data types.

First Option- Visitors

Display total number of visitors over a certain period.


Second Option- Conversions

Display the total number of conversions in a certain time.



🔴 there is a live demo placed at the left most bottom corner of the homepage.

For set up

For launching and editing a campaign you need to select Hot Streaks

Special Options

Steps to access

Firstly click on the “Customize” button visible on the Type step of your campaign to start customizing Hot Streaks.


The customization options will be then visible on a windowpane which will open in a slide.


Visitors vs conversions

You can either display the total number of visitors or conversions. You can select the option by clicking on the drop arrow.


Select time frame

You have an option to display your total visitors or conversions from 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days. The 7 days and 30 days options will only be available once the campaign has been tracked for a minimum of 7-30 days of data.


How to change a visitor's name?

You can refer to the conversions according to your choice. The name "People'' is set as default, for example, Shoppers.


Change the action taken the message

You can change the “Action Taken” message to conversion action according to your choice for Hot Streaks (conversions).


Never loop notifications

The Hot Streaks are set to loop indefinitely initially. Set this on to display Hot Streaks once per page.


Set a minimum threshold

You can also hide the Hot streaks when there is a certain number of visitors or conversions. By default it is set to 5, you can easily change this by entering the new value in the box.


Display visitors for the entire domain?

By default, visitor Hot Streaks can only display the total visitors who have displayed URL. You can change this option to display the visitors of your entire domain.


Important Notes

  • The Hot Streaks option for now automatically refreshes the visitor and conversion data in 16 minutes. For example, if your website captures nearly 10 conversions at 12:05 then it will update and show notifications at 12:15. This means that if it’s your first MyTrueTraffic Campaign then the setting of Hot Streaks will take 15 minutes to start showing your website.
  • If you're not able to view the 7 days or 30 days option for conversions or visitors then you will have to wait for a certain time period until the required data has been collected.

What's next?

You need to utilize the MyTrueTraffic notification types if you wish to maximize your website conversions.

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Was this article helpful?