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Written byZoha Khaliq

Follow the process to complete step 3 in the campaign editor.

Make sure MyTrueTraffic pixels are installed first, then enter the webpages URLs where you want to display the notifications.

Here is a recommended option

A default option is shown below. You only have to click in the input field, which is outlined in red, and then type your URL.


Advanced option

Through this advanced option, you have access to display MyTrueTraffic notifications on different pages.

  1. Shift to “Custom” mode
  2. Next, either type the complete OR partial URL where you want to display notifications.
  3. Lastly, Go to URL Match Type > Click on “contains” or “exact” match.


Duplicate display URLs cannot be used for multiple campaigns.

You can simply take assistance from customer support directly by clicking on the blue comment bubble, which would be available on the right corner of the screen.

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