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Written bySaba Laraib

Do you need a brief introduction for the product you just added to the marketing stack? Don't worry; we have got you covered.

How does MyTrueTraffic work?

MyTrueTraffic is a "social proof product" that works as a pop-up notification directly installed and integrated with your website. MyTrueTraffic shows you recent activity notifications for real people who are taking actions on your site.


It captures and displays all of the real-time data through an innovative pixel designed according to the needs of your website. The installation procedure for MyTrueTraffic is very simple and easy. It takes only a few seconds to install and connects directly to those pages on which you want MyTrueTraffic to be working. You just have to copy and then paste the MyTrueTraffic pixel into the header section of the webpage. Now start creating campaigns for your notifications to be displayed.

Step 1. Create a campaign

Step 2. creating a goal

Step 3. Select a notification type

Step 4. Set up a capture and display URL

Step 5. Now customize your display rules

And yay! You did it.

The process of signing up for the free trial will show you that now the notification pop-up for profit-increasing would never take long.


In addition, we will offer you multiple types of notifications (pictured above) that will help you to create scarcity, increase credibility, and boost the confidence of your visitors. You can customize MyTrueTraffic, as it is created to adapt accordingly when your website is going through the traffic's ebbs and flows. You can change with a few clicks the display rules, position, and timing of the campaign you are launching.

Even if you have set up even a single goal for your campaign, you can access a specialized "marketing dashboard" which will record all the analytics and data of your campaign, where the MyTrueTraffic pixel has been installed. It also shows MyTrueTraffic's actual impact on your sales and leads.

If you are wondering how many of the visitors have purchased a product? Install Pixel with a goal set upon that page, and MyTrueTraffic will help you in the said hard job!


If you are still confused or have other queries, reach out to our Customer Support directly through the blue chat bubble on the bottom-right corner of the screen, and our representative will guide you regarding any issue.

Or you can also search the Help Articles.

The best thing about MyTrueTraffic? Yes, you heard it right, use it for 14-days, absolutely free! The only four-lettered word, no one ever gets tired of. Use the link to sign up for the free trial here.

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