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Submit a Test Contact

Make sure your campaign is working!

When the campaign starts to capture data, recent activity can be viewed and displayed. Using tracking pixels to capture the conversions is a good idea and a smart start.

Then submit an email on your Capture Data website URLs as a test to check if the contact gets sent to MyTrueTraffic.

Watch this tutorial to understand the procedure.

Step 1 - Revisit Capture Data URLs

Open the campaign section and click on the campaign.

Scroll down to the next section, “Capturing people from…” and check the URLs.

This will redirect you to the web pages where you are capturing data.

Step 2 - Email Submission

Explore the email link on your web pages (Capture Data URLs) > enter your email credentials in the form field > and submit.

Step 3 - Email contact submission verification

Now check the email submission status.

Step 4 - Check your Display on-site URLs

Recent Activity notifications will display on your Display on-site URLs.

If the notifications are being displayed, then you can go ahead and delete the test contact.

Test contact makes sure that the notifications are displayed on the site URLs. If the notifications are displayed, you are all set to go ahead and exit the test contact.

Was this article helpful?

Was this article helpful?