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Install your Pixel

Install pixel on your website through this guide

Step 1 – Copy the code from your account

Sign in to your account > Click on the fourth item in the menu “Pixel Install” > Copy the pixel code.


NOTE: One-pixel account can be used in unlimited domains.

Step 2 – Make pixel your website header

You can make a pixel header by pasting the code between the <head> and </head> tags of your website.

The pixel will display notifications and will capture the data from only those pages where the pixel is installed. So make sure to run Pixel on all pages.

In the case of third-party platforms like WordPress, visit these additional instructions:

In case the first party does not provide the documentation, you can browse the internet to install “Third-party tracking script or pixel” on ( web platform).

Step 3 – Verify data sending

Once you are done with the initial setting, review the Pixel install page, a green status message will appear, which indicates pixel detection.


The data will show up.

In case the data is not available, then read the article on how to “confirm that the pixel is working on your website”.

Was this article helpful?

Was this article helpful?