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Written byMaha Ali

Are you worried that your notifications are showing incorrect locations? Let's find out why.

Not particularly, but there are times when on the notification of Recent Activity, the location of the user is incorrect.

Steps to determine the correct Location

Step 1

To determine the user’s location, the first option chosen by Auto Lead Capture is the IP address of the visitor. MyTrueTraffic pixels are used to track the IP address of the visitor. However, the IP address may not be available in some cases.

Step 2

The location associated with the email address of the user is used with the help of social graph APIs in cases when the data regarding the IP address is not found. Social graph APIs, for instance, third-party sources or social media, are generally used.

The reason behind the display of incorrect locations

1st Scenario

Unavailability of the IP address of the user is the main reason behind the incorrect location. The unavailability of IP addresses leads to the use of a location linked with their email with the help of social graph API. Very rarely, the previous location is stored with the social graph API.

For instance, let's suppose a user is browsing the site in some other city, let's say New York, but the IP address is not shared by their internet device. In such cases, the location linked with the email is usually displayed. This generally happens if the visitor or user is using a VPN.

2nd Scenario

With the use of the IP address of the visitor website, the location is generated from the Recent Activity notification. In some cases, the majority of the web traffic will be routed to the main location by the Internet Service Provider before it reaches the internet of the public. Irrespective of the current city, the internet traffic will be from the exit point of ISP. As a consequence, accurate location will not be displayed by most of the notifications.

We are able to show accurate locations in most situations.

Fixing location issue

Switching to Zapier integration or a webhook integration is the best option if you use our Auto Lead Capture Integration.

Through this, you will be allowed to share your information with us (for example location), rather than trying to generate your information through your IP address. For instance, the state, city, and country of the user can be shared.

How does the location of the user is determined by MyTrueTraffic?

The user’s IP address is generally used for this purpose.

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