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Written byMaha Ali

This is our fundamental rule :)

MyTrueTraffic pixel is generally required installation on

  1. The URL for goal completion (such as order received pages or thank you pages)
  2. The URL with email form or the capture URL
  3. The display URL (that is the one where the user wants the notifications to be displayed).

This is the appropriate way through which accurate display of metrics in the application is carried out. If you want to use the Hot Streaks and the Recent Activity notifications, then it is necessary to install MyTrueTraffic pixel on all Display on-site URLs and Capture Data URLs. The campaign without these pixels might fail in displaying the notifications and even in capturing conversions

Checking Campaign

Step 1

Select any campaign that you want to choose or which is relevant. After selecting the campaign, go towards “Capture and Display.”


Step 2

In this step, click on all your Display on-site URLs and Capture Data URLs and make sure they are present there by confirming.

If, without the installation of a MyTrueTraffic pixel, you have run against a Display URL or Capture URL in the campaign, then you simply are required to install the pixel before attempting to do anything else.

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