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Written byZoha Khaliq

How to test your connection?


Oh, snap! Display

If your screen is identical to the one displayed above, then it means your campaign currently has not yet captured email contact to display in the recent activity notifications.

The Recent Activity notification will only start displaying on your website once your campaign has captured 1 or more than 1 email contact.

Want to test your connection?

Firstly submit a test email on your website to check whether it gets captured or not by MyTrueTraffic.

Once you confirm that your data is being captured on your campaign from Recent Activity Notifications, you can also capture your conversions. However, for this, it is important to install the pixel on your URL.

Next, you need to send a test email on the website URL of your Capture Data to check if the contacts are sent to MyTrueTraffic. You can watch this video to learn how to do it.

Step 1 – How can you view your capture data URLs

First, visit the campaigns section and then select the campaign name.

The move down to the option “Capturing people from. .” section and select the URL


Now you can view the web pages where the data is being captured.

Step 2 – How can email be submitted?

First, find the email (Capture Data URLs)> then enter the email in the given form field> at last click on submit button.


Step 3 – How can you check the campaign for the contract?

Just check if the submitted email contact was shared with MyTrueTraffic.

Step 4 – Check the displayed URL

Verify whether the Recent Activity notification is displaying the Display on-site URLs.

Few solutions

  1. Double-check your capture URL; this is because at times, http://www will capture the URL to solve the issue in the capture, and you will be able to view the email contacts.
  2. If you're trying to display many URLs on a single page, you should toggle on an advanced setting.
  3. Confirm whether your capture URL is not on iFrame. If it is on iFrames, then you will have to check out the article.

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