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Written byWarda Taimur

Curious to know about iframe? iFrame or inline frame is an HTML feature through which you can add an external webpage to an HTML document. This feature allows you to import the contents of another webpage into your website.

Here is a sample source code of an iframe:

<iframe src="" width="400" height="70"></iframe>

You will see a popup appear within the orange periphery. This is essentially a section of another webpage that is being used in this web page. Hopefully, this clears your confusion.

How to Capture from an iFrame:

In case the email insertion bar on your webpage uses an iframe, here are some simple steps for you to capture conversions.

Steps to Follow

Step 1

Right-click within the boundary of the webpage that appears by the iframe. Click repeatedly for a few times if you are unable to locate the spot where there is an iframe. Then click on the option of ‘View Frame Source.’

Step 2

Copy the contents of the webpage address eliminating view-source: from the URL.

Step 3

Paste the copied contents from the address bar into the Capture section of your MyTrueTraffic campaign (which was Step 3 of the publish campaign procedure). In case the pixel is not installed on your recently captured URL, notifications will not be displayed.

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