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Auto-Lead Capture

Description and Usage

If you want to capture data from your website, your go-to option is the Auto Lead Capture. It enables you to access the recent activity notifications using the data captured, and the best part is it is super easy to use!

Enabling the Auto Lead Capture

To enable the feature, just go to Capture Data in the campaign builder and press the Auto button, and you are good to go.

How it Functions

The way Auto-Lead works is, it captures new emails that are submitted from a website that uses MyTrueTraffic pixels. You must have pixels installed on the pages that you want to import the data from.

Step 1

Once you enter the URL on the “Capture Data” step, MyTrueTraffic will start looking for visitors that enter email addresses through those URLs.

Step 2

Recent Activity notifications will be displayed on your website, which will show the email contacts that have been captured through the software.


The two most common examples are the checkout and the registration pages where a person submits their email addresses




It is necessary that the URL entered has an email form displayed on the page. Otherwise, the email contacts will not be captured and displayed in the Recent Activity tab.

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Was this article helpful?